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It is clear that the fun everyone is a little something else and so it is difficult to satisfy all but I think that in Prague you will be satisfied as to all lovers of history, arts heritage but also lovers of good food, drink and adrenaline sports such as bobsled or jump or koupání.Pro be lovers of food, drink and dance that is also in the menu and other information to try to bring here.


Swimming pool Podolí
Offers a swimming pool: indoor and outdoor swimming pool 50 meters long, 33 meters long outdoor swimming pool, outdoor children's paddling pool, water slide, steam room, sauna, solarium, physiotherapy, restaurant and cafeteria.
AddressPraha 4   Podolská 74
Phone241 433 952
www http://www.pspodoli.cz
email info@pspodoli.cz
Swimming stadium Slavia
Swimming pool offers: 25x12 m indoor swimming pool, children swimming pool for children under 6 years old, swimming school, separated the common sauna for men and women with the possibility of massages, solarium, restaurant, outdoor 50 m swimming pool, children's outdoor pools
AddressPraha 10   Na hroudě
Phone267 311 062
www http://www.psslavia.cz

Sandbeach in Smíchov
Swimming pool offers: From June to September you can take rest and entertainment, there are sandy beach, pool, restaurant, in the course of the season on the beach, you will be able to see top canoeing races, extreme sports and exclusive musical evenings
AddressPraha 5   Hořejší nábřeží
Phone222 520 362
www http://www.prazskaplaz.cz

Prague is obviously much more swimming stadium as indoor, outdoor and natural but are unable to specify all


Cycling in Prague
He is currently in Prague, 185 km marked cycling routes. of which approximately 63 km running along without cars, it is expected to gradually build 450 km of cycling routes.
Prague cycling will not only carry out the city, but also introduce you to the nearby and beautiful surroundings.
Prague is also the starting point for long-distance cycling Greenways Prague - Vienna. Prague Vienna Greenways is a network of paths and trails for cyclists, pedestrians, riders on horseback, or water sportsmen.
Wheels In Prague you can of course borrow.

Bobsleigh Track Prosek

Bobsleigh Track
Trucks are here in the stainless steel track can drive the speed of around 60 km / hour in a nearly mile long runway. Speed You can easily regulate the AJETO vycházkovým pace, children can travel alone from the eight years. Attractive is even ride in the artificial lighting.

Cable slide
Imagine two towers connected the rope 180 meters, and exceeding 45 metrů.Pak it just a bit of courage and they are amazing speed rushing down at a height of six meters .... And if you could not this trip, you can try their skill in building rope park. All of course with horolezeckým time and under the supervision of professionals. We recommend comfortable clothing and sports shoes. .

In Prague, you can project on a horse, rent a quad biking, tandem jumps and order or draft many steamers on the river and much more .

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