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Vysehrad is gimped many myth about the beginnings of the state but its real history begins in the tenth century, when it is accompanied by a number of excavation. These excavations and even written documents show that the Vyšehrad is about a hundred years younger than Prague Castle. In 1070 was founded Vyšehradská chapter, directly subordinate to the pope, and the original wooden palace was changed into a stone fortress with temples, and established the Prague bishop. The seat is supported by the king Vratislav II, later the first Czech king. Since 1140 Czech kings lived again at the Prague Castle.

Poté Then, its importance fell slightly. In the 13th century after a fire has been restored Basilica of St.. Peter and Paul, which with its 110 meter length has become the largest church in Prague. For the reign of Charles IV in the back Vyšehrad construction traffic has been linked to the city walls built new cities, Charles IV had build a palatial Royal Palace. In the coming centuries, ceased to be a gothic Vyšehrad effective defense system and thus already at the beginning of the Thirty Years' War began rebuilding strength. Although it has been built and improved for more than two centuries, Vyšehradská strength ultimately never in defense of Prague combat not. After losing the war with Prussia proved ineffective as a fortress city and so it was decided to cancel fortified. Although a large part of the wall was demolished, Vyšehrad still dominated by hard massive bricks walls. Inside the walls are large areas which in part serves as a depository of original statues of Charles Bridge. The most important monuments include Vyšehrad Romanesque rotunda sv. Martin, St.. Peter and Paul, Leopoldov gate, gate and Táborská Vyšehrad cemetery. This burial place is at the end of the 19th century, to eternal sleep, there is stored more than 600 important personalities of Czech.

Vyšehrad definitely worth visiting as a place with historical monuments but also a pleasant walk. Vyšehrad rocks from the top is very beautiful view both of Prague, as well as the trough of the Vltava river. It is one of the most beautiful natural sightseeing points in Prague.

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