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Prague Zoo

Zoological Garden in Prague from the corner of 1931 and its first resident was Vlcice Lotta.S is currently in the zoo more than 600 animal species in the range and pavilions. In 2002, the garden is damaged povodní.Místo damaged and destroyed to build new yards, the largest and most expensive is the Pavilion of the Indonesian jungle 2004.Je to a huge greenhouse where you feel that you are in the real jungle apes, from which the visitor separated only water plochou.K vision are also varan and free flying birds.

Botanical Garden

The garden has an area of 3.5 hectares and is divided into greenhouse and outdoor. In greenhouses, plants, visit the tropics and arid subtropics, humid subtropics and the Central European flora. The greatest treasures of the garden include gingko, or Ginkgo biloba, which is about 130 years old or older cykasy, camellia or myrtle. The Garden was founded 1775 in places where previously became Jesuit garden. He later was heavily damaged by flooding and then moved under the Slupsk stráň.Zahrada serves not only as a place for education but also to relax, to hold part of the exhibition.


Petrin is a beautiful 327 meter high hill in the center of Prague, which is a popular place for walks. In the Middle Ages, there was execution and until the position Hungry Wall. What attracts the visitors is certainly Petrin Petrin Tower and over 60 meters high. When vystoupáte 299 stairs to get to the observation platform from which a beautiful view of Prague and that is good and visibility to, for example, to mount Rip.

Stefanik Observatory

The Observatory is in Prague next to the wall of hungry since 1928.Hvězdárna has three domes, and one observation domeček.Je are open to the public library, which contains more than ten thousand svazlů.Můžete are here to participate as full-time and night observation. Other attractions include the Petrin hill funicular long more than half a kilometer, which you exported from Újezd to up to Petrin.

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