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Solidní nejistota
Nice small club with a spacious bar, lots of seating and fairly large dance floor. It is also a multifunction, multi-cultural and entertainment center multietnickým in Prague. You will find many kinds of entertainment, who cares decent people, particularly the evening. If you are looking for fun, the possibility of talk, good food and if you want to throw yourself from all worries and just enjoy a pleasant environment, accompanied by great music and art selected, then this club is for you.

AddressPraha 1   Pštrossova 21

Dublex during the day is ideal for sitting in the coffee and desserts. The night becomes one of Prague's most exclusive clubs. It is designed as a large glass cube, built on the roof (6th and 7th floor) of one of the buildings on Wenceslas Square. From the terrace balcony enjoy unforgettable views of the magical city. The two dance stages, relaxation zone, five bars, great sound, light and highly trained staff will provide you with comfort that you expect. The Prague club was awarded membership in the Association World Finest Clubs ..

AddressPraha 1   Václavské náměstí 21

Mecca, opened in 1998, is a pleasant combination of music club, restaurants and cafes. Right from the beginning was one of the most popular places in Prague nightlife, as well as various cultural and social events. Since 2000, Mecca was one of the best music clubs in the world with first-class programs and perfect services, administering lunch and dinner. Over the years, Mecca welcomed many Czech and world known DJů, singers and other stars.

AddressPraha 7   U Průhonu 3

Rock Cafe
Rock Café club began as a meeting place for new, start-up bands. Today is one of the most popular clubs in Prague. Benefited from its advantageous position in the center of Prague, as well as from the fact that it is not only a great space for concerts, but also a multicultural place where you can find the gallery, trade in CDs and cinema. For those who are interested in a rock and other concerts.

AddressPraha 1   Národní 20

Karlovy lázně
Karlovy Lazne, with its five music clubs on five floors among the largest enterprises of this kind in Central Europe. Situated just 100m from Charles Bridge. Each floor represents a separate group devoted to a particular style of music. There is Music Café, which played black music. Guests are also free, may apply for six computers connected to the internet. The first floor is a paradise for lovers of disco. Popular DJové play posldní hits from the dance floor. Paradogs Club is designed fans of dance trends. Best DJové from the Czech Republic and abroad are presented to the best of the style of house, trance, techno, and others. Nejvrchnější floor are quiet, relaxing music. Chill out is an ideal place for a little relaxation after visiting the previous four floors.

AddressPraha 1   Novotného lávka

Dance Club Roxy is perhaps the most famous night club in Prague. Situated right in the center, near the Old Town Square. Already this summer catches club known bands and DJs. He plays the music of all genres here, but that is harsher than in other clubs in Prague. Drum 'n' Bass, Jungle, Minimal, Techno, etc. It is a place where they meet many local as well as foreigners. When compared to other clubs is the biggest advantage of the enormous space. Dance floor is very large, as are the modern club.

AddressPraha 1   Dlouhá 33

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