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Special tours

These tours are suitable for visitors who will be in Prague or more days and there had been a course for those who are interested in a certain historical period

Gothic Prague - is a tour during which you can see all the developmental stages through which this style has undergone over 300 years of its existence. From early Gothic can be seen, for example, Anežský monastery. The biggest building boom occurred during the reign of Charles IV, when it was built in Prague quantities church and secular buildings and Prague is ranked the largest cities of Europe then. Further development for many years to stop the Hussite wars, and so in the late Gothic period at the turn of the 15th and 16 century during the reign of Vladislav Jagellonského he returned to Prague building traffic, this time comes from the Powder Tower and / or Vladislav Hall..

Baroque Prague - even though the Baroque period was full of wars and insecurity as well as for construction in Prague has been extremely favorable, built new temples and churches and palaces and constituted or build new. About deserve a large part of the father and son Dienzenhoferové. Kilian Ignaz Dienzenhofer despite their origin purely Czech artist, for his English language considered. Unfortunately all the work himself and drove nevychoval any successor. With his contemporaries, the sculptor Ferdinand Maxmilian Brokof, formed the summit of Prague Baroque works. At the beginning of 18 century and Brokof Matyas Bernard Braun decorated with statues of Charles Bridge, Troja castle or Vrtbovska Garden and of course others.

Art Nouveau Prague - the most typical representative of Art Nouveau architecture is Jan Kotera, who was Professor of Architecture at the Prague School of Arts. Jan Kotera is the third-secession Peterkova house building on Wenceslas Square. It is also the author of several family houses but also the water tower in Michle or tombs in the New Jewish Cemetery. In the center are two hotels and a magnificent Art Nouveau hotel Europe to Paris and a hotel near the hotel in Paris Hybernska Street is the first Art Nouveau hotel in Prague, Hotel Central Ohmanna architect. Definitely worth seeing and sculptor Bílek villa, which influenced his creation of an entire generation of Czech artists.

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