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Art Nouveau Prague

Art Nouveau is a style from the turn 19 - the 20th century, Germany is known as Jugendstil and the French call it L 'Art Nouveau. Art Nouveau buildings can be found not only in the center of Prague, but also in other areas. We will focus on the Art Nouveau buildings in the center of Prague, and because in the center are not only monuments but also many luxury shops, you can tour is well combined purchases.
Tours begin at the Municipal House, which stands on the site of the former Royal Court. It's building, which you certainly astounds his noblesností, was built as a center of Czech cultural and social life in the then German-Czech Prague. Interior Municipal House is full of cutting-edge works and its decoration participated by artists such as Alfons Mucha, the museum through the visit. There are cultural events of European levels. Inside, there are restaurants, lounges, ball rooms. Right next to the Municipal House is another Art Nouveau building a Paris hotel. Na Příkopě come on Wenceslas Square, where Art Nouveau hotel outside Europe are functionalist and Alpha Palace Blanik and much more. Then walk around kubistického the National Palace Adria class and tour ends here.

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