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Restaurant U Závoje
House Wine "The veil" is located in the historical center of Prague, Havelská Street, opposite the Baroque Church of St. Havel. It offers 52 places and a special room for tasting wines. Labužníci appreciate the high quality French and international cuisine enriched local and světovím wine.

AddressPraha 1   Havelská 25

Restaurant Rezavá kotva
Restaurants in the maritime-style bar with music where the songs are mainly from the 80th and 90 years. It's an outdoor restaurant with opékáním in the garden by the river Vltava. The best place to put a juicy grilled meat with a glass of wine or beer, right in the city center, surrounded by nature and scenery of the capital

AddressPraha 5   Dětský ostrov

Restaurant Puškin
This small and pleasant restaurant in Old Town has not received the name of Pushkin accident - one of today's owners is a direct, a descendant of famous Russian poet, who has never been in Prague. However, the atmosphere Café felt that it may at any time enter

AddressPraha 1   Husova 14

Restaurant Kampa Park
Kampa Park is located in a beautiful area on the right bank of the Vltava river with a view of the Charles Bridge. Is this your restaurant known for its distinctive and elegant atmosphere and an international style. "A la carte" menu is a real pleasure for true gourmets. It offers specialties of lobster, oysters, fish delicacies, veal and other meat hors-d'oeuvres. It offers a real culinary arts as well as for those nejvybíravější. Casual and friendly atmosphere, dimmed lights and metal decorations interesting shapes create a pleasant and romantic environment. Thanks překrásnému perspective of the river here to experience an extremely romantic evening.

AddressPraha 1   Na Kampě 8b

Restaurant Rybí trh
Fish Market Restaurant located in the complex Tyn Court (formerly Ungelt) is a unique kuchařským surprise, the only restaurant of its kind in the Czech Republic. It is a place where the atmosphere of old Prague meets the exceptional dishes prepared from freshwater and marine fish, lobsters and oysters, all boiled, grilled or baked according to recipes from around the world. Fish, you choose from the menu are either live or stored is transported in ice.

AddressPraha 1   Týnský Dvůr 5

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