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More than a thousand years, Prague's history, human effort, work builders, sculptors, painters, kings and emperors left in Prague and its surroundings large number of monuments. And as elsewhere, there are alternate with the flowering period of wars, looting and bankruptcy. Often in these times, the efforts of previous generations destroyed, sometimes permanently, unfortunately, but came back a better time and so it is possible to see in Prague, these thousand years of history at almost every step. If you leave the center and head to the nearby surroundings, it is possible to see the excavations of the period and visit předslovanského Hradiště of jealousy. This is a Celtic town, which was probably a real city with several thousand inhabitants and 9 km long fortification. There are buildings which have sizes in Central Europe. Of course it is not possible within one or two visits to see more than just a very small part of what Prague offers. Mention here a couple of information regarding the data, which was important for Prague and then it's up to you to which part of Prague's history you choose.

Historical data

after 870 the Prague Castle
10. century based Vyšehrad
  965 the first purchaser of the testimony of Ibrahim
Ibn Jakub Prague

  973 the diocese
1085 Prague royal city
1338 the Old Town Hall
1346 - 1378 epoch of Charles IV.
1526 onset of the Habsburg dynasty to the English throne
1618 - 1620 Czech Estates rebellion against Habsburkům

1784 concentration has four separate towns in Prague
1784 - 1848 time awakening the Czech nation
1918 publication of the independence of Czechoslovakia
1939 - 1945 occupation by Nazi Germany
1948 onset KSČ to power
1989 so-called Velvet Revolution
2004 entry into EU

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