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Karlstejn is one of the very important and probably the most visited castles in Bohemia. The castle is the peak of Gothic note. It was founded in 1348 by Czech king and Holy Roman Emperor Charles IV. and should serve mainly as a dignified representative seat and the future Roman Emperor, but also as a place to save the precious relics of saints. Later, the emperor decided that a deposit the Imperial Crown Jewels, which were stored in the Chapel of St.. Cross. During the Hussite Wars was stored and the Czech crown jewels, which have remained with short breaks until the beginning of 17 century, when they were taken to Prague Castle to the Church of St. Vitus. After the death of Charles IV and the Hussite Wars the castle lost importance, based here, only a military garrison. Construction of the castle was modified several times in 1480, the last change from the late 19 th century castle acquired its present aspect. The main area around the castle is the Chapel of St.. Cross nástěnou with unique decoration of the ground semi-Gothic paintings and a collection of world importance by Master Theodoric. A unique set of 129 panel paintings showing "all the host of heaven". It is here to see a replica of St. Wenceslas crown of Czech kings.

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