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Carlsbad is the most famous and largest spa Czech Republic and their glory is based on the local hot springs. The town was founded by Emperor Charles IV and was upgraded to the royal city. Town soon began to develop very fast but its history is full of disasters, which are always relieved by the time of flowering. Carlsbad has been in its history, several times damaged by fires and floods, which affected mostly the city. These disasters are not to be found in Carlsbad almost no monuments from the time of the founding of the town. After the big flood of 1890 were Carlsbad built again, and even more beautiful than before. New buildings were built, restored colonnade and promenades. Along the river are the three most famous Hot. Castle, Wood and Mill, and the spa offers guests a quiet walks associated with the drink medicinal water. At the beginning of the century 19tého here begins to produce world-famous liqueur Becherovka. There is a possible visit Moser glass factory, which manufactures glass top quality and famous throughout the world. At the end of June, the city is already organized in a very famous and important Carlsbad Film Festival.

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