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Guide to Prague

I am a professional guide in Prague. We in the Czech, Spanish and English.

I offer four sightseeing tour of the most famous sights : Prague Castle, the Royal Road, Old and Jewish Town.

For those interested in architectural styles offer tour Gothic, Baroque and Art Nouveau
We also offer tours outside, for example,Karlstejn, Krivoklat, Konopiste, Carlsbad and Terezin.

Tours can be combined with one another according to your interests and needs.

Can I accompany your clients in the tour coach, boat, foot and even abroad.

If you did not select prepare special inspection in accordance with your requirements

At the top of the menu are the details of the survey with a detailed description and photo gallery, and the bottom of the menu is more informative, here find many important and interesting information about the history of Prague and other interesting sights but also transport and / or the possibility of leisure, entertainment, restaurants , dance clubs, etc..


  • 2006 - General State Examination in Spanish

  • 2006 - General state examination in English

  • 2006 - Qualification test guide Prague-Taxus

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