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National Museum
The National Museum is the largest museum of the Czech Republic. It is central to the national museum features sbírkotvornou, scientific, educational and methodical. It polytematickým Institute, which includes a number of disciplines and areas of collection from the natural sciences to the specialized fields of social sciences. Since 1891 the National Museum is located in a building in Wenceslas Square

AddressPraha 1   Václavské náměstí 68
Phone +420 224 497 111
email nm@nm.cz
National Technical Museum
National Technical Museum The collections consist of approximately 49,000 units of records, including several fold higher number of individual subjects. They are stored in the depositories of the approximately 13,000 m2. Approximately fifteen percent of them are exposed to the permanent expositions and exhibitions. Collection of National Technical Museum is divided to 15 major groups and 78 collection collection funds.

AddressPraha   7 Kostelní 42
Phone220 399 200
Naprstek muzeum
Ethnographic collections based solely on non-European kultury.Sbírky museum is extremely rich and extensive, and only a small part is exposed to constant exposure

AddressPraha 1   Betlémské náměstí 1
Phone224 497 501
www http://www.nm.cz/naprstkovo-muzeum/
email npm@aconet.cz
Museum of the City of Prague
The history of Prague from prehistoric times through the Middle Ages to baroku.V one of the halls is located Langweilův model Prahy.Model it is a unique document form the Old Town, Lesser Town and Prague Castle Prague before the conversion to the end of the 19th and early 20th century

AddressPraha 1   Na Poříčí 52
Phone+420 224 223 696
www http://www.muzeumprahy.cz/

W. A. Mozart Museum and the spouses Duškových The permanent exhibition focuses historical documents, prints, engravings, manuscripts, letters, paintings, sheet music records, musical instruments and other attractions to visit Bertramka Mozart and Prague.

AddressPraha 5   Mozartova 169
Phone+420 257 318 461
Sternberg Palace
European art from antiquity to the end of the Baroque

AddressPraha 1   Hradčanské nám. 15
Phone 233 090 570
Cloister St. George
Permanent exhibition of Czech Baroque paintings and sculptures

Address Praha 1   Jiřské nám. 33
Phone257 531 644
email ssueduc@ngprague.cz
Veletržní palác
The permanent exhibition of art 19, 20 and 21 century

Address Praha7   Dukelských hrdinů 47
Phone222 321 459

House of the Black Madonna
Czech Cubism 1910 - 1919
AddressPraha 1   Ovocný trh 19
Phone224 301 003
La Casa de Piedra Bell
Exposiciones de arte moderno checo y

AddressPraha 1   Staroměstské náměstí 13
Phone+420 224 827 526

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