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Czech pub U Pinkasů
Just a few steps from the Wenceslas Square you will find U Pinkasů typical Czech restaurants, first in Prague to Pilsen Urquell making - since 1843. The beer is professionally cared for and revolves with the traditional way. Pub offers three floors, each of them attracts guests looking for a specific variety of cuisine and atmosphere.

AddressPraha 1   Jungmanovo náměstí 16

Czech pub Zvonice
The only restaurant in Central Europe, which is located directly in the original Gothic tower. It is built in the seventh, eighth and ninth floor Jindřišská tower, which is located near Wenceslas Square. Exceptional cuisine, quality service and panoramic view of the city through huge windows throughout the interior. It is possible to ascend to the top of the tower, from which you can admire the "hundred-spired Prague. Excellent place for a romantic dinner with a unique atmosphere.

AddressPraha 1   Jindřišská

Czech pub Lví dvůr
Amazing location close to Prague Castle, near the Royal Gardens. The restaurant is suitable for a festive occasion, party, wedding receptions, business meetings and friendly. Unique because of serving baked piglet - rediscovered recipe from the Renaissance period, the time datující reign of Emperor Rudolf II. It is the original Portuguese specialty unusual taste.

AddressPraha 1   U prašného mostu 6

czech pub Staroměstská restaurace
As one of medieval houses, located in the heart of Old Town Square, surrounded by richly decorated buildings, it has long been a favorite restaurant. It offers a pleasant break in through the Royal Route. For half a century is called the Old restaurant, famous for its excellent cuisine and world-famous Czech beer Pilsen.

AddressPraha 1   Staroměstské náměstí 19

Czech pub U Fleků
The oldest and most famous beer hall from the 1499th Famous čepováním dark třináctistupňového flekovského lager. The pub is one of the outdoor restaurants and old variety. Restaurants in Fleků can entertain eight rooms in more than 1200 guests at once. It is located in the center of Prague, near the National Theater. Atmosphere Restaurant U Fleků in various rooms and halls highlighted internal decoration and period furniture. Rooms are named "the Academy", "Václavka" with mořeným glass, "sausage" with a Gothic vault and the "Knights' Hall" furnished in romantic style. Each utkví in mind the delicate and unique taste of 13 ° flekovského lager. When cooking lager is still under the old recipes, but in a modern facility. Restaurece is very proud of its history and law, because it is missing the famous personalities of Czech history.

AddressPraha 1   Staroměstské náměstí 19

Czech pub Novoměstský pivovar
A unique culinary experience located right in the center of Prague, about 300m from the Wenceslas Square - the first restaurant nomoměstský Brewery, founded in 1993. 10 rooms, restaurant with summer terrace and a small brewery, all in one complex, the interior of the Gothic-style hall until after 30 years of last century, richly decorated interior. Several times a week guests have the opportunity to monitor the front Brewers during the brewing. Installations for the manufacture of beer collected from the old, long forgotten tradition of the 14th century. Total capacity of the seating position is 340 points.

AddressPraha 1   Vodičkova 20

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